Behind the Adulthood Project

When I just started out as a photographer I never had the courage to shoot nudes, because I'm quite prude and back then, most examples of nudity that I was exposed to were either hyper sexual or glamour-ish. None of it really spoke to me.

About a year ago (2014), I started noticing that I'm going in a certain direction with my photography. Most (if not all) photographers have a certain theme that defines their work and who they are, and I've discovered that mine is vulnerability and balance. It’s what I’m drawn to the most. So I was trying to feature those feelings of vulnerability more prominently in the photos that I take.

It was around that time (2014) that I stumbled upon the work of photographers like Jan Scholz, who have a way of handling nudity in a very tasteful way and also have a very strong feeling of melancholy displayed prominently in their photos. So I decided to take on the challenge and shoot nudes.

This was also around the time when I started to get a little tired of shooting with models. Don’t know why that was exactly, but I photographer non-models instead. As I talked about the shoots to my wife and Richard, I noticed I was talking more about who the people were, rather than how they looked. It’s like I was collecting stories, rather than taking pretty pictures.

I also noticed that women have a very strange connection to their body, one I don’t notice men having (or displaying) as often. It’s like a great deal of a woman’s self worth is determined by the image she has of her body. Not saying that it is the case for every woman or that it’s good or bad, but it is something that I noticed to be quite prevalent. It’s still hard to explain for me, but I think that’s the thing I’d like to explore more in this project.

I’m going into this project blind, relying solely on the character of the person to determine how the picture will look. Having no moodboard, no idea of how the pictures are gonna look beforehand, is something that is extra scary for me. But what’s life without being a little scared right?