Obvious, or Subtle Images?

I explained in an earlier blog post that a quote would always get stuck in my head while talking to the that person that I’m shooting.
I’ve decided some time ago to add these quotes to every image I shoot for the Adulthood project because they added something extra.

While talking to Clarissa during a shoot, she said:
"I used to be a girly girl to make others happy. Once I started dressing like a tomboy I finally met myself.. and I understood who I really was."

After I checked the images of that shoot, I noticed something interesting. 

The (unedited) images above obvious; they literally illustrate her tomboy-ness.

While these don’t necessarily feel like tomboy images. Because they're subtler they give more nuance to her as a person.

I prefer the subtler images. I want the image and the quote to work together to show the different sides of the person, rather than the image showing a part of her that the quote already illustrates. 
Clarissa isn't all tomboy. She isn't one dimensional, no one person is. 
It's a nice discovery to make, and it's one that I'll be applying more consciously from now on.

What do you think? What do these images communicate to you?
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